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Patagonia posters

These are images from the amazing world that surrounds me.

I like to include characters immersed in and enjoying the magic of those landscapes.

I was obviously inspired by those beautiful vintage travel posters.

Back then, in the 20's, this corner of the Planet was not known as a touristic destination, so there are no prints (in that style) that illustrate the area.

I think Patagonia seriously deserves its posters, so I thought - I might as well be the one to paint them!

(Julieta Fernández Cánepa. Artist)

About the artist

Julieta Fernández Cánepa grew up in Argentinian Patagonia. She studied Arts in Buenos Aires,

to become a University Professor of Fine Arts. But she always knew she wanted to live closer to Nature and especially to mountains.

So after she graduated, she moved to the Southernmost tip of the Continent - first to El Chaltén in Argentina,

and a year later to Puerto Natales, in Chile, where she currently lives.

When she arrived to South Patagonia, she also became a trekking guide. Since then,

she has been combining outdoors in the mountains with her many Art projects, which she develops

mainly during the quieter winter months.

About the Artworks

The original pieces are painted on either canvas or wood. The material used is artistic acrylic paint,

mixed with a 10% of an opaque paint (latex) to avoid reflections at the photo shoot.

The final digital file has gone through very little editing; what you see, even the text, is what was painted.

Editing was only needed to correct some deformation and stains caused by the photo lens.


The posters are 4-colour (CMYK, Offset) printed on 225g, opaque couché paper. With matte polipropylene.

Special Sales

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Posters previous edition

Get "Torres al Amanecer", "Glaciar Perito Moreno", or "Puerto Natales" from the previous edition, only until they are sold out!



$ch 15,000 (USD 25)


Shipping cost

Shipping fee depending on weight, starting from:


$ch 6500 (USD 10)


$ch 8000 (USD 13)


$ch 9000 (USD 14)


$ch 10000 (USD 16)

Shipping is by National Chilean Post-Office, "Correos de Chile"

Mode: "Certified International Small Package".

How to pay

With credit card through the safe site PAYPAL.

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Julieta Fernández Cánepa

+569 8343 1495

Please note

Julieta personally answers your questions. As she might be outside due to her job as a guide, a reply might take up to 10 days.

You can also ask for your OWN poster to be painted. This would be an original artwork, not a printed version.

Think of that special place you have visited with your loved ones, that memorable moment…

It can become a Vintage-style painting. Ask for further information.